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Sunon MagLev 4010 Cooling Fan

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24v MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99
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Product information

For decades, SUNON has consistently concentrated on its core motor technology, and as a result, they have accumulated various inventions and innovations in this field. In 1999, SUNON successfully released the MagLev Motor Fan, the first magnetic levitation motor in the world. Based on the excellent performance of this product, follow up motor fan products featuring higher flexibility, energy-efficiency, lower noise, and longer service life have been created.

Package Contents

1 x Sunon MagLev 4010 Series Cooling fan with 300mm harness. No connector.

Product dimensions


Product Specifications
Bearing Type: Vapo
Power Rating: 12v or 24v
Power Current (mA): 24v MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99: 80 12v MF40101VX-1000C-A99: 87
Speed(RPM): 24v MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99: 10,000 12v MF40101VX-1000C-A99: 8,500
Airflow (CFM): 24v MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99: 11 12v MF40101VX-1000C-A99: 9.9
Noise (dB): 24v MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99: 36.8 12v MF40101VX-1000C-A99: 31.4