Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for Creality CR-6 SE / CR-6 SE MAX / CR-10 Smart

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This Micro Swiss all metal hot end is designed as a bolt in replacement for Creality CR-6 SE / CR-6 SE MAX / CR-10 Smart. Using this kit requires zero modification to your 3D printer. Going with an all metal hot end will allow you to print at higher temperatures without the PTFE tube degrading over time. Choosing genuine will ensure you receive a product made with precise machining out of quality materials. 3Docity is an authorised Australian reseller for Micro Swiss USA

This is an All Metal Hot end Kit for Creality CR-6 SE / CR-6 SE MAX / CR-10 Smart. This kit is designed to require absolutely zero modification to your 3D printer to install. It completely replaces your standard hot end. The uniquely designed cooling block eliminates the need for thermal tube. By not having a separate thermal tube inside the cooling block, it allows for faster heat dissipation. The thermal heat break is made from Grade 5 Titanium Alloy to provide excellent thermal isolation between the heater and the cooling block. Titanium is extremely strong material and offers almost 3x lower thermal conductivity than stainless steel, creating more defined melt zone.

Standard Creality Hot End vs. Micro Swiss All Metal Hot End:

The standard Creality hot end is lined with PTFE tubing from the top of the cooling block all the way down to the nozzle. The problem with this setup is standard PFTE bowden tube starts to degrade at temperatures of 200°C. While printing PLA you may find this not to be an issue, but as soon as you start printing PETG or even some brands of PLA+ you'll find yourself printing above these temperatures. Another problem you may encounter with the standard setup is you are required to have a perfect seal between the nozzle and PTFE tube. To do this you have to ensure your bowden tube has a perfectly straight cut on the end touching the nozzle and has the perfect amount of squish making a seal between the two. Failure to do this will result in endless clogs of filament. This is where the Micro Swiss all metal hot end comes in. With an all metal hot end your PTFE tube is inserted into the top of the cooling block making contact with thermal tube. This replaces the need for the PTFE tube to run all the way through the hot end to the nozzle, eliminating the chances of your heater block degrading your PTFE tubing at higher temps. Micro Swiss products all have a special TwinClad XT coating which will allow smooth flow of your filament helping to prevent clogging. Micro Swiss remains to be the #1 hot end replacement recommended all over the internet for the Ender 3. Being so popular makes it easier for troubleshooting and finding profiles for your slicer.

Package Contents

Aluminum Cooling Block
Grade 5 Titanium Heat Break
Aluminum Heater Block
Brass Plated Wear Resistant MK8 .4mm Nozzle
Silicone Sock
Hardware kit



Adaptation Models

CR-6 SE / CR-6 SE MAX / CR-10 Smart