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FYSETC Gear set for VORON Clockwork 1 & 2 Stealthburner

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Product information

The FYSETC CNC POM Helical Gear Nano Coating Hardened Steel Higher Precision One-Piece Gear Kit is designed to enhance the performance and reliability of high-end 3D printers such as the VORON 2.4, Trident, CW1, and CW2. This premium gear kit is made from durable hardened steel with a nano coating, providing exceptional wear resistance and reducing friction for smoother operation. The helical gear design ensures quieter and more efficient movement, while the one-piece construction guarantees high precision and optimal alignment.


  • Material: Hardened Steel with Nano Coating
  • Gear Type: Helical
  • Manufacturing Process: CNC Machined
  • Compatibility: VORON 2.4, Trident, CW1, CW2
  • Precision: High precision for improved performance and alignment
  • Coating: Nano Coating for reduced friction and increased wear resistance
  • Construction: One-piece gear for enhanced durability

Key Attributes:

  • Enhanced Durability: Constructed from hardened steel with a nano coating for long-lasting performance and superior wear resistance.
  • Smooth Operation: Helical gear design minimizes noise and ensures smooth, efficient movement.
  • High Precision: CNC machining provides superior accuracy and optimal alignment for precise 3D printing.
  • Reduced Friction: Nano coating reduces friction, resulting in more efficient operation and less wear over time.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Specifically designed for VORON 2.4, Trident, CW1, and CW2 3D printers, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration.

This style of gear set, often refereed to a BMG style gears can be used on many custom applications for 3d printers. Commonly used on VORON Stealthburner and Sherpa Mini Extruders

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