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Bed Leveling Silicone Spring Spacer

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Product information

Silicone Spacers vs. Solid Spacers vs. Springs

These silicone spacers while being harder than standard springs will still give squash to give you the exact clearance you need, similar to how your current springs work. With solid spacers you have no play and are required to shim the corners. Shimming each corner becomes a tedious process when you're trying to achieve such small increments of adjustment. As most hobbyist 3d printer bed carriages and heated platforms aren't exactly flat, having the same amounts of adjustment silicone provides will help you achieve a level printing surface. Silicone will also benefit your printer by increasing the rigidity of the bed to the z bed plate. Silicone has a larger surface which is in contact to both sides compared to springs making it increasingly more stable.

Usual Combinations

Here is a list of usual combinations. This is for a guide only and we recommend you checking yourself to avoid ordering the wrong sizes.

Creality Ender 3/3 Pro/v2 has a cable relief bracket in the far left corner so will require 3x 18mm and 1x 16mm.
Creality Ender 5/5 Pro/5 Plus requires four of 18mm to ensure the bed moves close enough to the nozzle. Four times 25mm can also be used.
CR-10/v2/v3/MAX has many different variations. The usual combination will be 3x 25mm and 1x 23mm to accommodate for the heated bed cable stain relief.

Package Contents

1 x Silicone Spacer in selected length

Product weight/dimensions

16mm width. 4mm internal bore size. Length depends on size selected.

Adaptation Models

Commonly used on Ender 3, Ender 5, , CR-10, Prusa i3 Plus, Anet a8 Wanhoa, and more. Some printers use a 3 of one length and 1 of another. Please make sure to measure if yours is 4 of the same length or not.