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Unleash Your Creativity with Polymaker Filament: A Comprehensive Guide


3D printing is revolutionising the way we create and innovate. The key to unlocking the full potential of this technology lies in the quality of the filament used. Enter Polymaker filament – a frontrunner in 3D printing materials that blends superior quality with remarkable performance. At 3Docity, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best, and that’s why we proudly stock Polymaker filament.

What is Polymaker Filament?

Polymaker is a trusted brand in the 3D printing industry known for its range of high-quality filaments. From PLA to PETG, from ABS to TPU, Polymaker provides a plethora of options for 3D printing enthusiasts. What sets Polymaker filament apart is the brand’s commitment to innovation, consistency, and environmental responsibility.

Polymaker filaments are designed with the end-user in mind, focusing on the optimization of the printing process and the final printed parts’ functionality. Polymaker is not just about offering a wide variety of 3D printer filaments; it’s about providing solutions. For instance, their PolySupport filament is designed specifically to offer easy support removal, while their PolyMax series provides superior strength for functional parts.

The company is renowned for its innovation in the 3D printing space. One such innovation is their Nano-reinforcement technology, which is used in the PolyMide CoPA line of filaments. This technology enables the filament to have excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. Their PolyLite series offers a high-quality, cost-effective solution for everyday 3D printing needs.

Polymaker’s commitment to the environment is also notable. They offer several eco-friendly options, including their PolyTerra PLA, which is biodegradable and made from renewable resources. In addition, they have implemented a proprietary ‘Jam-Free’ technology that dramatically reduces the risk of clogs during printing, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free 3D printing experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Polymaker offers a range of filaments to suit all levels of expertise and varied project requirements. By choosing Polymaker, you’re not just choosing a filament; you’re choosing a partner that helps bring your 3D printing visions to life.

Why Choose Polymaker Filament for Your 3D Printing Needs?

Unmatched Quality

Every spool of Polymaker filament undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure consistent diameter and roundness. This meticulous attention to detail results in a filament that delivers exceptional print quality and reliability.


Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to create simple models or a professional working on complex prototypes, Polymaker filament has you covered. With a wide range of materials and colours to choose from, you can bring any project to life.

Environmentally Friendly

Polymaker is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. Their eco-friendly filaments, like the Polylite PLA, are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable 3D printing solutions.

Polymaker Filament in Action at 3Docity

At 3Docity, we’re proud to empower our customers’ creativity with Polymaker filament. Whether you’re in the architecture, engineering, or education sector, or a 3D printing hobbyist, our wide selection of Polymaker products guarantees to meet your needs.


Choosing the right filament is a crucial step in the 3D printing process. With Polymaker filament, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re choosing a brand that stands for quality, innovation, and sustainability. At 3Docity, we’re proud to offer Polymaker filament to our customers and look forward to seeing the incredible creations you’ll bring to life.

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