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SUNLU 3D Pen Filament Barrel 1.75 mm ABS/PLA/PCL

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Product information

Filament buckets with 6 colours in your choice of PLA, ABS, or PCL. Suited for 3d Pen. Please make sure to select the correct material that is compatible with your 3d pen.

PLA: An Eco-friendly bio-plastic filament made mainly from corn starch. It is non-toxic and emits no fumes. It is a very popular option due to the variety of colours it comes in and how easily available it is.

PCL: Biodegradable polyester with a low melting point of around 60°C. Used in children friendly 3d pens as it has a lower melting point compared to other filaments. A lower melting points means the 3d pen doesn't need to get to high temperatures to melt the plastic.

ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a durable plastic which you will find everywhere, from your toaster to your car bumper. ABS is used for its high temperature resistance and strong impact rating. The cons of abs are it needs to be melted at higher temperatures and also emits fumes.

Package Contents

6 Colours of filament. Red, black, white, green, orange and yellow