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POM V Slot Wheels and 625zz bearings

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POM Type:
V Groove
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Product information

V groove wheels with two 625zz bearings used to run along aluminum extrusion on 3D printers or CNC Machines. The bearings have a precision center spacer between the bearings to ensure the POM wheel isn't crushed when tightening. POM is most commonly used with 3D printers because it runs quieter and causes less wear on the aluminum than other alternatives.

Package Contents

1x POM Wheel with 625zz bearings


POM (Polyoxymethylene) Also known as Delrin, Kocetal, Ultraform, Celcon, Ramtal, Duracon, Kepital, Polypenco, Tenac and Hostaform.

Product weight/dimensions

14g / Bore diameter 5mm, Outer Diameter 24mm, Height 11mm