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Product information

This  kit is made to suit the Bambu Labs X1. It upgrades the heating block to chromium-zirconium copper nickel plating treatment giving it a high temperature resistance of 500C.

The radiator and heat break can be disassembled and locked by the side fixed shaft to reduce maintenance costs.

The TC4 titanium heatbreak tube and the heat block increases the step surface at the bottom of the throat to completely eliminate the phenomenon of the nozzle falling off and reduces the possibility of leakage.

The nozzle is connected by a thread, and in contact with the bottom step of the heatbreak to completely solve the phenomenon of falling off and reduce the possibility of leakage.

The nozzles has been updated which means it can not fit the original hotend and it will not work with 3rd party nozzles. The removable nozzle can be replaced easily saving you time and money.

Package Contents

1 x hotend ,
1 x hardened steel nozzle 0.4mm


Customer Reviews

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Fitted well. Zero jams for this item versus one a day originally.

Graham Solomon

Waiting for replacement nozzles to become available