Below you will find instructions for caring for and using your PEI Spring Steel Plate. These instructions are intended for the use with our PEI Spring Steel Build Plates linked below.

Though these instructions are intended for use with 3docity branded PEI sheets, you may find these instructions useful for use with with other brands but please verify with your manufacture before hand.

Cleaning Your PEI Surface

Using 91% or above Isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth wipe down the surface. The Isopropyl alcohol with break down and grease and residue without damaging or leaving a chemical film on your plate. You will find you will only have to clean every so often.

If you find that Isopropyl alcohol isn’t bringing your bed adhesion back to how it was when first purchased you can use 100% acetone. Only use acetone if the above step isn’t working. Using acetone will remove a layer of oxidization from the top layer of the PEI. Over use of acetone will result in your PEI cracking over time. This is why we instruct to only use with Isopropyl alcohol is no longer working.

If both the above steps do not work you can try using a 3M Scotch-Brite pad to lightly rub the surface while using Isopropyl alcohol. Once the surface is lightly scratched, give it a wipe down to remove and residue.


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