Wanhao sized PEI Spring one side Smooth

PEI spring steel plates are great at eliminating warping and parts coming unstuck while printing ABS, PLA, and PETG . Your 3d printed part will stick to surface with no need for glue or adhesive. Wait for surface to cool, remove build surface and give a slight flex and the part will pop off. With the dual sided spring steel you’ll have the option of either textured or smooth. Textured giving you a better adhesion while smooth giving you a mirror like finished first layer.

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PEI applied to spring steel is one of the top rated options for 3D printers. While surfaces like glass do work well, you may find yourself growing tired of applying blue tapes and glue. With PEI you can simply print straight onto its surface and have amazing bed adhesion. This PEI spring steel bed is made from high quality spring steel. Once cut into shape one side has PEI electrostatically applied then placed into a curing oven where the PEI is baked onto the spring steel surface making its incredibly durable. This leaves one side with a textured finish. Afterwards the plate is then processed through a machine applying a layer of PEI film giving you the smooth finish. This package also comes with a cut to size magnetic sheet with 3M adhesive applied to one side making it an ease to install.

We recommend measuring your build plate before ordering. Most manufactures advertised “build volume” isn’t the same size as the actual bed size. You’ll typically find your build plate will be 10 to 5mm larger than your build volume.

Package Contents:

Spring steel bed build surface. Comes with Smooth PEI applied to spring steel on one side. 3M adhesive magnetic pad also included.


PEI & Spring steel


Gold Satin

Product weight/dimensions:

220×220 square surface. All sizes in millimeters

Adaptation Models:

Wanhao, Anet A8, Robo R2


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Weight 354 g
Dimensions 420 × 300 × 20 mm



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