SUNLU PLA+ 1.75mm Filament 1kg Spool


Experience the combination of premium quality and superior performance with SUNLU PLA+ Filament. This 3D printing material boasts higher strength and more precise printing than standard PLA, providing your prints with exceptional detail and clarity. Its low shrinkage and warping properties ensure that your prints come out exactly as you imagined. SUNLU PLA+ is also known for its easy bed adhesion, smooth feeding, and clog-free operation, providing a seamless 3D printing experience. It is compatible with all common 3D printers and comes vacuum sealed with desiccant to maintain optimal storage conditions.

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Brand: Sunlu

Unlock the full potential of your 3D printing projects with SUNLU PLA+ Filament. This upgraded version of the traditional PLA filament offers superior performance, taking your designs from concept to creation with ease and precision.

SUNLU PLA+ is renowned for its high strength, delivering 10 times the toughness of standard PLA filaments. This ensures that your prints not only look stunning but also stand up to the test of time, withstanding wear and tear to maintain their form and function.

With SUNLU PLA+, you can expect more precise printing. Its consistency in diameter and roundness guarantees that every layer of your print adheres perfectly, providing excellent details and superior finish. The filament is designed to minimize filament stringing and oozing, reducing the need for post-printing cleanup and giving you more time to focus on the next design.

Ease of use is at the forefront with SUNLU PLA+. Its low shrinkage and warping properties mean that your prints maintain their integrity, even in complex and large-scale designs. The filament also ensures easy bed adhesion, smooth feeding, and clog-free operation, providing a seamless 3D printing experience.

SUNLU PLA+ is environmentally friendly, made from renewable plant resources, and can be composted after use, reducing its impact on the environment. It’s also non-toxic and produces a pleasant, sweet smell when heated, making it a great choice for home or classroom use.

The filament is compatible with all common 3D printers, providing flexibility and convenience for all your printing needs. Each spool is vacuum sealed with desiccant to ensure optimal storage conditions and maintain the filament’s performance.

With its impressive range of features and benefits, SUNLU PLA+ Filament is the perfect choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. Bring your 3D printing projects to life with superior quality, durability, and precision.


Print Temp.: 200-230℃
Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Print Speed: 50-100mm/s
Platform Temp: Depends on the platform: No need or 60-80℃
N.W.: 1kg
G.W.: 1.3kg
Packing Size: 209*209*73mm
Length: 330m
Tensile Strength: 6-11kgf
Melt Flow Rate: 7-9g/10min(190℃,2.16kg)

Package Contents:

1x 1kg roll of SUNLU PLA+ in your colour of choice.

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Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 210 × 120 × 100 mm

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