Klipper Stepper Motor Current Calculator

This specialized calculator is designed to assist in accurately tuning the current settings for stepper motors in Klipper, a popular 3D printer firmware. By providing precise guidance on current settings, it ensures optimal performance and longevity of the stepper motors. Users simply input relevant parameters such as the motor’s rated current and desired safety margin, and the calculator intelligently computes the ideal current value. This step is essential for achieving the perfect balance between motor torque, temperature, and overall printer efficiency.

The formula this calculator uses is motor_peak_current x 0.707. You’ll be able to find your stepper motors peak current in the datasheet from your stepper motors manufacture. Example being the e3d Super Whopper has a peak rated current of 2.0A. So we will do 2 x 0.707. The calculator will give you the option to set a safety margin. We recommend setting it at 20% as you don’t want to be pushing your motors at 100%. Its also important that you monitor your stepper motors, drivers and harness temperatures after altering any of these settings to ensure nothing overheats.

Stepper Motor Current Calculator for Klipper

After obtaining your optimal run_current simply add it to run printer.cfg in klipper under your stepper driver settings. Here is an example below.

[tmc2209 stepper_z]
uart_pin: PF9
run_current: 0.580
stealthchop_threshold: 999999 

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