Calculating Klipper Rotation Distance

Calculate rotation distance for klipper via converting e-steps.

This tool assists in precisely configuring your printer by calculating the optimal rotation distance based on your stepper motor and microstepping settings. Simply select your stepper motor type (0.9° or 1.8°), choose the microstepping value (8, 16, 32, or 64), and enter your current Esteps value. The calculator then computes the ideal rotation distance, ensuring enhanced accuracy and efficiency in your printer's movements. Ideal for both enthusiasts and professionals, this calculator is a must-have for fine-tuning your 3D printer to achieve the best possible print quality.

Rotation Distance = (Full Steps per Rotation × Microsteps) / Steps per mm

Rotation Distance Calculator via Extruding Filament

By inputting the current rotation distance, the commanded filament length, and the actual filament length extruded, the calculator efficiently computes the new rotation distance. This adjustment ensures that the amount of filament extruded matches the commanded length, leading to improved accuracy and consistency in your 3D prints.

New Rotation Distance = Current Rotation Distance × (Commanded Filament Length / Actual Filament Length)
  1. Enter the Current Rotation Distance:

    • Start by inputting the existing rotation distance value of your extruder. This is a measurement in millimeters (mm) that you're currently using in your printer.cfg.
  2. Specify the Commanded Filament Length:

    • Input the length of filament you instructed the printer to extrude. This is the amount you've set in your printing command, typically measured in millimeters. For instance, if you asked your printer to extrude 100mm of filament, enter that figure here.
  3. Measure and Input the Actual Filament Length:

    • After running the extrusion command, physically measure the length of filament that was actually extruded. Enter this measurement into the calculator. It's crucial for this measurement to be accurate for the calculation to be effective.
  4. Calculate the New Rotation Distance:

    • Once all the information is entered, click on the 'Calculate New Rotation Distance' button. The calculator will process the inputs and provide you with a new rotation distance.
  5. Update Your printer.cfg:

    • Use the calculated rotation distance to update your printer.cfg file. This adjustment ensures that the printer extrudes the precise amount of filament in future prints, leading to more accurate and consistent print quality.


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