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Explore our diverse range of tools and accessories, curated to enhance your 3D printing experience. From calibration to maintenance, we’ve got Australia’s 3D printing enthusiasts covered with essentials.

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  • thermal-compound

    Thermal Compound Paste

  • No clogger un clog 3d printer tool

    NoClogger for 1.75mm Filament

  • deburring tool

    Deburring Tool Kit + Blades

  • Out of Stocksd card

    Micro SD Card with Micro SD to SD Adapter

  • flush cutters

    Flush Cutters

  • heat shrink

    Heat Shrink (1 Meter)

  • alklen keys

    9Pcs Allen Key With Ball Head Set

  • filament vacuum storage bags and pump

    Filament Vaccum Storage Bags & Pump (5pcs)

  • mini crimps jst

    IWISS -2820M Crimping Tool Mini & Micro Therminals