Switches & Sensors

Delve into our array of switches and sensors, the unsung heroes ensuring precision and safety in 3D printing. Essential components for responsive operations.

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  • Out of StockANTCLABS Bl Touch

    ANTCLABS BL Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor v3.1

  • Out of Stockbigtreetech filament runout sensor

    Bigtreetech Smart Filament Runout Sensor

  • bl touch brackets

    BL Touch Mounting Bracket for Creality

  • bl touch probe

    Antclabs Bl Touch 3.1 Spare Push Pin

  • Out of Stockadxl345

    Adxl345 Accelerometer (Digital Gravity Sensor )

  • d2fl micro switch

    Omron Micro Switch D2F-L

  • adxl345 rp2040

    Portable Input Shaper with RP2040 ADXL345

  • Out of Stockldo orbiter filament sensor

    Ldo Orbiter V2 Filament Sensor

  • Out of Stockartillery 3d leveling sensor

    Artillery 3D ABL automatic leveling assembly for Sidewinder X2 & Genius Pro printer’s

  • end stop horizontal

    Horizontal Mechanical Endstop Switch Module

  • vertical end stop switch

    Vertical Mechanical Endstop Switch Module