Build Plates

Dive into our collection of PEI build plates, renowned for their exceptional adhesion and easy release properties. A game-changer for print stability, favored by Australia’s 3D printing experts for consistent results.

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  • bed leveling silicone springs

    Bed Leveling Silicone Spring Spacer

  • Out of Stockspring steel pei bed for 3d printer creality

    PEI Spring Steel Bed Plate (One side Smooth, one side Textured)

  • Out of StockANTCLABS Bl Touch

    ANTCLABS BL Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor v3.1

  • Out of Stock3m magnetic sheet

    Magnetic Sheet with 3M Adhesive

  • Out of Stockspring steel pei bed for 3d printer creality

    Creality sized PEI Spring Steel Smooth Single Sided

  • creality dual z axis kit

    Creality Dual Z Lead Screw Rod Upgrade Kit for Ender 3

  • Out of Stockartillery sidewinder heated bed

    Artillery 3D Printer ‘s Silicone Heat Bed 220V 500W SW-X1

  • fep film resin 3d printer

    FEP Film for Photon DLP SLA LCD (5 Pack)

  • Out of Stockartillery 3d leveling sensor

    Artillery 3D ABL automatic leveling assembly for Sidewinder X2 & Genius Pro printer’s

  • spfa resin printer film

    SPFA film (Multilayer Special PFA composite film) Film for Resin 3D Printer

  • sidewinder x2 heated mat

    Artillery Sidewinder X2 Silicone Heat Bed 220V 500W with wiring harness