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In 2012 e3d started its journey to becoming one of the leading brands in 3D printer hotends. It all started with their V4 hotend which when released, was sold out within 48 hours. This is when the guys realized there might be something in this whole 3D printing business. By 2016 e3d became the hot end of choice for the extremely popular Prusa i3 MK2. Come 2021 they now revolutionizing the 3D printer industry by releasing the RapidChange Revo system. Making 3d printing more reliable, and more accessible for everyone.

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  • e3d brass v6 nozzle

    E3D Brass 1.75mm V6 Nozzles (M6 Thread)

  • e3d revo nozzles

    E3D Revo Nozzles

  • thermal-compound

    Thermal Compound Paste

  • e3d nozzle x

    E3D V6 Nozzle X

  • e3d volcano nozzle

    E3D Volcano Brass Nozzles

  • Out of Stocke3d revo prusa

    E3D Revo Six Prusa MK3 Edition

  • e3d revo six hotend

    E3D Revo Six Hotend

  • e3d revo voron

    E3D Revo Voron 24v

  • 104nt thermistor e3d

    E3D Semitec 104NT Thermistor

  • e3d revo heater core

    E3D Revo HeaterCore (104-nt)

  • e3d obxidian revo nozzle

    E3D Revo ObXidian Nozzles

  • Out of Stocke3d high torque stepper motor

    E3D High Torque Stepper Motor

  • e3d silicone socks v6

    E3D V6 Silicone Socks (3 Pack)

  • Out of Stocke3d prusa hotend

    E3D Prusa V6 HotEnd (MK2 & MK3 variants)

  • e3d high precision heater cartridge

    E3D High Precision Heater Cartridges

  • e3d hardened steel nozzle

    E3D V6 Hardened Steel Nozzles

  • Out of Stockrevo triple pack

    E3D Revo™ Nozzle Triple Packs

  • e3d compact powerful stepper motor

    E3D Compact But Powerful Stepper Motor

  • e3d super whopper stepper motor

    E3D Super Whopper Motor

  • e3d heater block for v6 hotend

    E3D V6 Aluminum Heater Block