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Best Upgrades of 2022 for your Creality Ender 3

Creality’s Ender 3 would have to be one of the top selling 3D printers for hobbyist around the world. With its cheap entry price its a great option for people who wish to give 3D printing a try without the massive price tag that comes with other printers. Though it prints great out of the box (with a few minor calibrations) you can upgrade the Ender 3 to keep up with top range FDM 3D printers.

Creality does a great job at packaging your Ender 3 for delivery with everything you’ll need in the box to build your 3D printer. Following the instructions you should have your 3D printer built within 2-4 hours. Without going into too much details, as the point of this post is upgrades, not initial process, we recommend taking your time. Making sure all bolts are tight, belts are tensioned correctly, and all your extrusions are aligned perfectly. If your frame isn’t aligned correctly you’ll find yourself forever trying to calibrate and get successful prints.

Why should I upgrade my Ender 3?

The Ender 3 is a great little printer, and for the price of only $250 AUD (at time of post 3/01/22) its a bargain. But as you progress you might find yourself wanting to print more complicated models, wanting better quality, or wishing to cut your print times in half. In the following weeks we will take you through the best upgrades you can purchase for your ender 3 to increase all its features and remove problems you may encounter in the future.

In the next few month we will be going through stages with our ender 3, showing you some of the upgrades which we think are essential and others which will help your speed or quality.

Stage One – Your first upgrades to your Ender 3

Extruder Dual Gear Upgrade, Bed Leveling Springs, Capricorn Tubing

Stage Two – Laying down the filament

All metal hot end, Glass or PEI bed upgrade.

Stage Three – Electronics

Controller Board, BL Touch Auto bed leveling, Filament Runout Sensor, Raspberry Pi

Stage Four – Lets go overboard

Direct Drive, Power Supply, Linear Rails, Dual Z